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This American company is the second largest pharmacy store chain after CVS Health. The main specialized functions of Walgreens are filling prescriptions, health and wellness products, health information and photo services. The company provides medical solutions by reaching medical adherence with improved health outcomes at a quite low cost. Healthcare professionals are also provided with services from them so that patients can extend beyond the local pharmacy. Its complete network of services and solutions prioritize the health of patients first by improving the outcomes of their medical solutions. The specialty pharmacy store of this company offers pharmacy and medical benefits at a much cost saving, proactive patient management system and with expert client support.

The adherence program supports health member behavior by evolving the process of improved adherence, outcomes, readmission rates, quality scores and health. The healthcare costs are taken care of greatly to help the medical solutions be competitive and have maximized market performance. The company also provides Balance Rewards for making healthy choices by its customers so they have long lasting behavior changes to reduce preventable illness and healthcare costs. The company has also partnered with Option Care to provide and ensure high quality infusion care to the prescribed home infusion therapy. Walgreen nurses support this service to a great extent to reach out a coordinated care.

Products and Services :-

Walgreen offers the following services to its customers-

  • Health
  • Wellness Products
  • Health Information
  • Photo Services
  • Drug Store
  • Pharmacy


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