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CNN (abbreviated from Cable News Network) is in many ways the pioneering totem around whose model the modern 24-hour coverage news channels have developed. Founded in 1980, the American newsmedia pay TV channel was as a matter of fact the first ever network to adopt a 24-hour news coverage policy, and also the very first dedicated all-news channel in the United States – as incredible as it may sound. Owned by AT&T’s Turner Broadcasting System Inc., most of the programs are broadcasted from the Time Warner Center in New York, although the weekend programming and such subsidiaries are almost exclusively broadcasted from its Atlanta-based head quarter. Even though it was the first ever exclusive newsmedia network, it was overwhelmed in numbers by the big three of contemporary American TV: CBS, ABC, and NBC – an equation which was changed during the Gulf Wars and CNN’s coverage of the event, which had catapulted them into prominence, overtaking all three for the first time in the history of TV. CNN has ever since been the mainstay network for new anchoring in the US. With coverage in 82% of all households in the US that own a TV set, CNN is the go-to news channel for the common populace, also being the first news channel to cover the 9/11 attacks.

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  • CNN Airport
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