How to Fix Canon Printer Paper Jam Error

How to fix Canon printer paper jam error is a […]

How to fix Canon printer paper jam error is a common query posed by several users over the years. If you are worried about how to fix Canon printer paper jam errors, then you should make a note of the fact that it will require a little time and research on your part. In most cases, the paper gets suddenly jammed within the machine, leading to a major hurdle for normally conducting printing operations in the bargain.

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How to fix Canon Printer Paper Jam Error- What Actually Happens

In case of such errors, what happens is that the jammed paper may tear and you will be unable to remove the same, whether it is from the paper output slot or even from the transport unit. If the jammed paper remains inside the printer itself, then you will have to carefully remove the paper before you can start printing once again.

Steps for Resolving the Canon Printer Paper Jam Error

There are a few steps that you should follow for resolving this problem swiftly without any hassles.

  • If the paper gets jammed at the time of printing and you have to turn off your machine to remove the same, simply press Stop for concluding the printing process prior to turning off the computer.
  • You will have to power off the machine and unplug the same before opening the paper output cover.
  • Remove the paper in the cassette if there is any.
  • Do not touch the clear film (A).
  • If the clear film is soiled/scratched through touching the same with paper or the hand, it may lead to serious machine damage.
  • Check if the jammed paper is placed beneath the FINE cartridge holder. If it is, then shift the FINE cartridge holder towards the far left or right, whichever makes removal of paper easier.
  • When shifting the FINE cartridge holder, hold the top of the cartridge holder and slide slowly towards the far left or far right.
  • Hold the jammed paper firmly and if it is rolled up, simply pull it out.
  • Slowly pull out the paper without tearing it.
  • Make sure that jammed paper is completely removed from the printer.
  • If the paper tears when you are pulling it out, some paper may be left behind.
  • Check for paper under the FINE cartridge holder or in the machine or right/left empty spaces.
  • Close the paper output cover and reload the paper accordingly.
  • All print jobs in the queue will stand cancelled before you start redoing the printing process again.

When you are reloading the paper, ensure that the right paper is being used and loaded properly. Remove all jammed paper and check carefully for remaining bits as mentioned. Contact Info Directory is the best place to find service and support numbers for all leading brands including Canon support, Epson and many more. It functions as a modern online phone directory which gives you reliable and fast results for contact information.

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