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One of the foundations towards building a strong backbone to each nation is its education system. While the state of higher educations, research, and academics dictates the ultimatum of how well a nation is performing in its education, the base of all these parameters are directly or indirectly connected to the elementary level. Since education is more a sequence than isolated segments, without a good elementary education system, a pupil will face manifold more challenge in the upper levels. Thankfully enough, there are quite a few digital education programs thanks to the wonders achieved by computers and the internet today. Getting children hooked to an intriguing, organized, and effective process of learning has become easier in recent years. One of the leading digital elementary learning platforms, ABCmouse is based on paid subscription for individual usage, but also offers free service to Head Start programs, teachers, and U.S. public libraries, including more than 30% of all public libraries and all branches in Chicago, Houston (TX), Brooklyn (NY), and Los Angeles, as of 2016. Created by Age of Learning, Inc. in 2010, the platform contains more than 850 lessons and 10 times as many learning activities. The preschool through second-grade curriculum is also especially well-curated and contains all kinds of activities like videos and more than 800 digital books.

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Abcmouse offers the following services to its customers-

  • ABCmouse Language Arts Animations
  • ABCmouse Mastering Math
  • ABCmouse Mathematics Animations
  • ABCmouse Science Animations
  • ABCmouse Music Videos
  • ABCmouse Zoo


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