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This is an introduction to, along with a review of the main history of, Aetna Inc., the premium healthcare insurance company.

Aetna Inc. is one of the largest corporations that deal with Managed Health Care, selling wide, varied and different types of consumer directed health care insurance to their indeed large customer and client base. They offer some of the best healthcare and healthcare related services in the whole country, as they put the health of their clients first and thus procure services such as medical, dental, behavioural and other types of health, long-term care for disabled people and the very convenient disability plans. They are a quite famous company, and thus are a respected member of the Fortune 500.

Though, Aetna was not always a healthcare insurance company. They are descended from the then-famous Aetna fire insurance company, a name which then signified Mount Etna, a very active volcano.  Since the early 1800s, when the Aetna fire insurance company was founded, they have come a really long way, branching out into almost parts of the insurance business. They have established several new departments, such as the Liability department and the bond department.

Aetna has long maintained itself as the premium standard of insurance, with the latest field being medical insurance. They offer their services to millions of people, providing them both satisfaction and fulfilment.

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Products and Services:-

Aetna offers the following to customers-

  • ‎Health Plans & Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Dental Insurance





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