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This is meant to serve as a short introduction the American Airlines, and an overview of the prominent points of their history.

American Airlines, Inc., is one of the major airline corporations based in the US. The Headquarters of the company itself is in Fort Worth, Dallas, specifically the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. American Airlines is definitely one of the largest airlines in the whole world and ranks at the top in the most commonly considered (and very prominent) fields, namely some such as fleet size, revenue and scheduled passengers carried. AA, with the cooperation of all of their regional partners, form one of the most extensive international and domestic flight networks in the world.

One can understand the true size of American Airlines when considering the fact that almost 6,700 American Airlines flights depart per day, to more than 300 destinations spread out over a whopping 50 countries! AA was a founding member of the famous Oneworld Alliance, the third largest airline alliance in the world.

This massive corporation was created from a similarly gigantic alliance of more than eighty smaller airlines. However, the two most prominent ones were Robertson Aircraft Corporation and Colonial Air Transport. Both of these merged into the Aviation Corporation in 1929. After many business deals, and other matters, later, they rebranded themselves as the iconic ‘American Airlines’ in 1934.

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Products and Services:-

American Airline offers the following to customers:-

  • Priority Parcel Service
  • Expedite FS
  • Confirmed FS
  • Business travel services
  • international flights.





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