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Better Business Bureau are commonly called as BBB is mealy based in America and Canada. The company is completely a non government organisation which works on its own. The main area in which the company works is Marketplace trust, they have 106 organisations in all over America and Canada which all work independently. The company face many problems and even Court cases in the early period of starting. The Council of the company was ultimately started in 1970. The company is not concerned about the problems in the medical field or in legal procedures, for that the preferred to different organisations.
BBB basically box for any kind of dispute that has been occurred between consumer and the seller. Investigate the issue and try to give possible solutions to it. In the before working procedure, the company used to classify the concerned organisations as SATISFACTORY or UNSATISFACTORY. The company can also issue non rated rating against a company which fails to provide considerable amount of information about them. If you wish to get help from BBB or get to know more about their working area as you can simply visit their official website where you will find all the necessary details-

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Products and Services :-

Better Business Bureau offers the following services to its customers-

  • BBB Business Reviews
  • BBB Education Outreach
  • Dispute Handling & Resolution
  • Scam Tracker
  • Get Charity Seal
  • Volunteer Arbitrator Opportunities


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