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Even though there is a reasonable number of online education services, both free and subscription-based, available for pupils in the elementary levels from pre-school to the sixth grade, and a handful of reputed online journals and journal metasearch engines and libraries available for academics in higher studies, it is much more difficult to find sites on the same scale that extend their help towards particularly high school and college students. Chegg is one of these very few brands. An education tech company based in California, Chegg was founded in 2001 first as an online textbook rental portal that functioned much in the same way as Craiglists does, but now Chegg has become a study help website for high school and college students. Its primary service right now is study guides and homework help with in-house digital booklets and solutions, while it also retains its old textbook rental service, which can particularly come in handy for reference work that requires a lot of expensive books. Chegg also helps high school students looking to transfer to a US university, giving them a search engine for Universities of their preference, detailing its faculty and SAT requirements. Chegg also owns citation services and reference management softwares like Cite This For Me and EasyBib.

Products and Services :-

Chegg offers the following services to its customers-

  • Chegg Study
  • Chegg Math Solver
  • Chegg Study Pack
  • Writing
  • Textbooks
  • eTextbooks
  • Chegg Tutors
  • Test Prep

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