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Education is the backbone of any society, and as for the parameters of it, many countries often boast their literacy rates. But literacy only entails the basic and elementary level of education. The true merit of a generation of citizens can be measured only by its success in the higher education scene. Even though this is a relatively low hanging fruit for many countries with more economic freedom and less employment issues, the education system in US becomes tricky at the tail-end of high school because of its almost decentralized schooling system. The polling is then done by SAT, the first major standardized test of its scale for almost all students, and therefore crucial for all concerned. On the flip side, SAT also has the challenging task of leveling the field of a decentralized intermediary and high school system. Even though these schools enjoy some form of autonomy, they still have to follow certain core codes of the US education system to retain their license and viability. These regulations, along with the K-12 general curricula and also the standardized tests are all organized by a central board, the College Entrance Examination Board, or CEEB, or simply College Board, which is based in the New York HQ. An institution a century in the making, it presides over more than 6000 colleges, schools, and educational institutes.

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Products and Services :-

College Board offers the following services to its customers-

  • SAT and SAT Subject Tests
  • Advanced Placement Program
  • College Level Examination Program
  • Accuplacer
  • SpringBoard


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