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Credit Karma is an American multinational company based in San Francisco, California, that provides personal finance, software and financial technology services to customers worldwide. Founded in March 2007, Credit Karma provides all its services and products to the customers for free. It offers its customers free access to credit scores and reports from TransUnion and Equifax, and an analysis of their current credit profile along with product recommendations based on those. Other free services include free credit monitoring and credit alerts in case of changes within the TransUnion credit report, a variety of financial tools such as calculators and account aggregation services, as well as member reviews on credit cards, loans, and other products to help customers make wise decisions. Recently, it has also introduced an online tax preparation service called the “Credit Karma Tax” that allows customers to file federal and state taxes for free. Credit Karma earns its revenue from lenders who pay them if they are approached by customers on a successful recommendation by the company. Currently, Credit Karma has over 75 million members using its services, and 700 dedicated employees working to help make their customers meaningful financial progress.

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Products and Services:-

Credit Karma offers the following services to customers-

  • Personal Finance
  • Tax Preparation
  • Monitoring of unclaimed Property

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