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This is a brief introduction to the NYDMV, along with a significant bit of their history. The Department of Motor Vehicles is one of the most important departments of the Government. Administering motor vehicles has always been a quite difficult job and was even more difficult when automobiles were first being used. Though one cannot say that the job has gotten any easier with time, the DMV has proudly stepped up to deal with this problem of administering motor vehicles and their drivers.

This includes keeping records of almost every single thing, including reports on drivers, kinds of vehicles, offences committed by various drivers, particularly dangerous and accident-prone roads and other such factors that can hamper the progress of administering motor vehicles and their drivers. The DMV was set in action in the year of 1961 and their job of registering vehicles along with their drivers. Back then there were very few drivers, but very soon there were over a million drivers along with a similar number of vehicles.

The DMV was founded with the name, The Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Since their founding, the DMV has made exponential improvements to the various services and administering services they offer to the public and the government and has been successful in preventing many roadside accidents.

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Products and Services:-

DMV offers the following services to its customers-

  • New car dealers.
  • Commercial cargo carriers.
  • Private driving schools.
  • Private traffic schools.

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