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This is an introduction to the founding of the Emirates Airline, along with an overview of some of their accomplishments.

This is one of the most famous airlines of the world, standing as a looming behemoth over other, smaller airlines. It is the absolute largest airline in the Middle East, as it dominates all the other, smaller airlines. Their operation is simply massive, a fact that can be truly comprehended after one considers the fact that they operate more than 3,600 flights per week, that arrive at more than 140 destinations, across 81 countries spread over almost six continents.

The airline has its headquarters, the main hub of operations, at the Dubai International Airport. They have a huge fleet of over 254 aeroplanes, most of them simply gargantuan beasts, yet lined with every creature comfort one can think of. However, all cargo operations are carried out by Emirates Skycargo, a related company.

Emirates was founded in March 1985, with some significant backing from the royal family of Dubai. With $10 million in start-up money, it is incredible the heights they have reached so far. When considering the prominent field of scheduled revenue, Emirates is the fourth largest airline in the whole world. Just recently in the past, they also held the title of the longest continuous flight, that left from Dubai, arriving at Auckland.

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Products and Services:-

Emirates offers the following services to its customers-

  • Cabin
    • 3D SeatMapVR Technology
  • Catering
  • In-flight entertainment system
    • ICE
  • Ground services
  • Lounges
  • Chauffeur-drive






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