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The EMS is a world postal service having India one of its’s designated universal postal service provider. India joined this venture in 1999 and is till now with it helping us sending business and community based postal across the world. Like India, in most of the nations, it has its own postal administration. Since 1988 the overseas delivery services are governed by the EMS Cooperative. It supports various communities and businesses all across the world. Founded in 1858 it has now become one of the leading retail outlet reaching 1,346,028,091 number of consumers across India. EMS cooperative consists of more than 180 countries who work together as a member to provide Express Mail Service. The customers can avail high quality and competitive Express mail service.

EMS offers excellent customer support anywhere and anytime. The friendly customer support executives resolve each of your queries,and this is the reason it is designated as the universal service provider. Be ready to experience their customer-centric services just with the tap of a single call.

As of January 2015, Ems has support of more than 190 countries across the globe.

Products and Services-

Ems offers the following services to its customers-

  • Express Mail Services
  • ParaEx Service
  • Gulf Express
  • Mureeh Service
  • Insurance Service
  • Nail Express Service
  • Jamaee Service
  • Rehab Service
  • MedEx Service
  • CardEx Service

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