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Family Mobile was one of the most famous Mobile virtual network Operator in the entirety of the United Kingdom, and was operated by Coms Mobile, using the widespread EE network. The product itself was initially launched under the name of IKEA Family Mobile, and in a few short years became one of the most famous networks in the UK, and was preferred as the optimal network by quite a large customer base. One reason for this widespread popularity was that they offered pay as you go SIM cards to the public, which is a quite popular plan, and offered loyalty program members and all IKEA staff with a handset mobile, along with 5 euros worth of free calls, something that earned them the respect and admiration of many customers and staff.
While the company is now closed, the reason for this was quite certainly not a lack of customers, as the plethora of features attracted quite a lot of customers, as did the various networks and signals offered by them. They were an interactive company,, and urged anybody with any sort of grievance to immediately call them at their contact number.

Products and Services :-

Family Mobile offers the following services to its customers-

  • Financial Assistance
  • Auto Pay
  • Pay Service
  • Phones



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