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We live in a world today that thrives on connectivity –internet and telecommunication are therefore indispensible services. These days the market standard for all connectivity vendors is to package internet, cable TV, and telecommunication connectivity as a collective package and then sell it as such. Thankfully enough, these services have also become very affordable in 2018, and much more streamlined and effective as well – no longer do you need to boot up the dial-up modem, punch in 10-digit entries and wait forever before it finally initializes the connection – thanks to the fiber optics.

Fiber optics as a mode of connection is in fact what FIOS is an abbreviation of (Fuber Optic Service). Like Comcast’s xfinity, FiOS is today a major bundled internet access service in the US, connecting over 5 million regular users over many states. Verizon established the service in 2005, became one of the pioneering ISPs to bring fiber to the home, with more network coverage and better transmission to provide the bundled internet access it is today launched by 2010. Today, Fios is owned for the most part by Verizon Communications, and even marketed as Fios by Verizon, but six states in the US have Frontier Communications holding the rein as distributors.

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Products and Services :-

Fios offers the following services to its customers-

  • Fios Internet
  • Fios Custom TV
  • Fios TV

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