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This is a short introduction to the FPL, along with an overview of their founding.

This is an introduction to Fitbit, and the services they render, along with some of their founding history.

Fitbit Incorporated is one of the largest American Health Centred consumer electronics companies in the whole of America. It is largely responsible for making a type of device known as activity trackers, which are supposed to measure exercise centred data such as the number of steps walked, the distance walked, and other such factors that are largely important to exercise. These activity trackers can also serve to observe and record health sintered data such as the heart rate, quality of sleep and other such factors of mental and Physical health.

Fitbit as a company was founded on March 26, 2007, by respected businessman and Healthcare Pioneer James Park and Eric Friedman, who both now serve as the CEO and the CTO respectively. Although the company was private at the beginning on May 7th, 2015, Fitbit announced the fact that they had filed for a New York stock exchange listing. the stock launch itself was filed for the amount of 358 million dollars, and the company stock was traded with the symbol ‘FIT’ on it.

It has long been known as a fact that Fitbit as a company cares about it’s consumers. Since 2013 Fitbit has been going on a campaign of acquiring health and welfare acquisitions so that they can provide a better service to their customers. Some of the most prominent acquisitions that Fitbit has made are the Wellness platform Switch2Health, fitness coaching app developer Fitstar and the smart credit card company Coin.

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Products and Services:-

Fitbit offers the following to customers-

  • Versa (Smart Watch)
  • Ace
  • Charge 3



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