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Various programs are launched by the government of the United States. These programs lead to a better foundation of people in the United States. Out of these programs food stamp is also a well-recognized program in the United States. This program is also known by the name of the supplemental nutrition assistance program or snap. The food stamp program was launched for the low-income group. Not only lower income group but old people who can’t earn and children also get benefits under this program.

Funds are given according to the family size of a person. These funds are provided by state and federal government. EBT (electronic benefit transfer) cards are generated for low-income group people. Funds are directly supplied with these EBT cards. Electronic benefit transfer is provided by private companies that are given contracts by the government. These cards have been issued in all the states of the United States since June 2004. These cards are valid in supermarkets, food retailer shops, convenience stores, and certain farmer’s markets. The cardholder can show this card and buy food items from these shops. To get the card person has to fulfill all the eligibility conditions. These conditions vary for old age and handicapped people.

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Products and Services-

Food Stamp offers the following services to its customers-

  • Health Assistance
  • Rental Assistance
  • Adult Protective Services
  • Career Services
  • Cash Assistance
  • Child Support Services
  • Disability Access
  • Domestic Violence Support
  • Energy Assistance
  • HIV/AIDS Services
  • Homelessness Prevention
  • Supplemental Needs Trust
  • Supportive Housing
  • Welfare Fraud Prevention


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