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In the United States, a department of motor vehicles (DMV) is a state-level government agency that directs vehicle registration and driver licensing. Similar departments exist in Canada under changed names. The name “DMV” is not used in every state or area, nor are the outdated Georgia Dmv functions handled by a single agency in every state, but the general term is universally understood, chiefly in the context of driver’s license issuance and renewal. Driver licensing and vehicle registration in the United States are held by the state government in all states but Hawaii, where local governments perform DMV functions. In Canada, driver licensing and vehicle registration are held at the provincial government level.

In some states, besides conducting the written and hands-on driving tests that are a prerequisite to earning a driver’s license, DMVs also adjust private driving schools and their instructors. All DMVs issue their state’s Driver’s manual, which all drivers are probable to know and abide by. Knowledge of the driver’s manual is verified prior to issuing a permit or license. In countries with no national identification card like the United States, driver’s licenses have often become the identification card for many purposes, and Georgia Dmv agencies have effectively become the more responsible for verifying identity in their respective states, even the identity of non-drivers. The REAL ID Act of 2005 is an attempt to provide a national standard for identification cards in the United States as identification cards are usually used in everyday life.

Products and Services-

Georgia Dmv offers the following services to its customers-

  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • RV Insurance
  • Trailer Insurance
  • Car Insurance

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