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Although the US Government has many branches that deal with many of the widely different and varied forms of administration, one such branch that has remained one of the most important since the very day it was founded is the Internal Revenue Service, often shortened down to or abbreviated to the IRS. The scourge of illegal activities and corrupted officials the country over, the IRS serves as the main revenue administration service for the United States and is a bureau of the Department of the Treasury. The bureau is controlled by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, who is elected to his post by order of the President himself. Their main responsibility is collecting taxes and enforcing the various rules, regulations and laws of the Internal Revenue Code, which was set up to prevent misuse of funds and issued grants. They also take it upon themselves to resolving many instances of fraudulent tax records, or ones that have been fabricated by companies to avoid paying the various taxes enforced on them by the law.

Always requesting the help of the common populace, they request that anybody who has borne witness to such cases immediately call the Internal Revenue Service contact number.

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  • Internal Revenue Service offers the following services to its customers-
    • Customer Account Data Engine
    • Revenue recognition
    • Free File Alliance
    • Form 1040
    • Business support system
    • Free File
    • IRS tax forms

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