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LinkedIn is a professional networking website which was founded on December 28, 2002, generally used for business and employment-oriented services. It generally operates on websites and mobile apps. The founder Ried Hoffman had developed this site with an idea of connecting people from all over the world in terms of business and individuals growing their professional networks. It has “gated-access approach,” where a person is professionally connected and has a trust on the contact with which they’re connecting. According to a survey, It has 500 million members in 200 countries, out of which 160 million members are active. The success graph of LinkedIn is growing since then.

It has established a treaty with Fore Seas and has headquarters in Silicon Valley, Mumbai, and Ireland. In December 2010, LinkedIn was valued $1.575 billion in private markets. On May 2011, it traded it first share at $ 45 per share and in today’s date the shares are rose as much as 171%. With approximate 5500 employees worldwide, is now increasing its 200 new positions in its Dublin office. LinkedIn stands as the most trusted site apart from social networking site and it has a constant raise of members increasing day-by-day.

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LinkedIn offers the following to customers-

  • Business Employment
  • Job Employment
  • Professional Networking

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