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Deutsche Luft Hansa commonly known as Lufthansa is the combination of the two German words “Luft” = “Air” & “Hansa” = “Trade which was ruled over larger parts of Northern Europe during Medieval times” is the largest German airline and when it is combined with subsidiaries, it one of the largest airlines of Europe in terms of fleet and passengers carried. In 1997, Lufthansa was one of the five founding members of the largest airline “Star Alliance”. Lufthansa started in 1926 and until 1945 the services were suspended by Nazi’s. But on 6 August 1954, it acquired the name and logo and on 1st April 1955 Lufthansa emerged as the winner for earning the approval to start scheduled domestic flights, linking Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Munich.

Lufthansa started taking International Flights on 15 May 1955, to London, Paris, and Madrid. In August 1958, a noted fifteen Lufthansa 1049Gs and 1649s started leaving Germany each week to Canada and the United States. In 1962, Lufthansa launched their jetliners and gradually it became one of the best-selling jetliners in the history. In September 2013, Lufthansa Group went ahead and announced its biggest order for aircraft and simultaneously it speeded its business out-growth with MNC’s for infrastructure and renovations. With 129,400 employees Lufthansa stands as one of the top three airlines in terms of comfort and relationships with customers.

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Lufthansa offers the following to customers-

  • Flight Bookings
  • Flight Status
  • Online Check-in


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