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About is one of the world’s most famous Webmail companies. was founded on July 4, 1996, 22 years ago, by pioneers of the webmail services field, Sabber Bhatia and Jack Smith in the town of Mountain View, California, and has since then has become one of the world’s most famous providers of various kinds of Internet services. The website is probably the first provider of webmail services. It was purchased by Microsoft, the leading software company in 1997 for the just stunning price of 400 million dollars and was re-launched as MSN Hotmail. The MSN Hotmail name was replaced by the name in the year of 2013. The company itself is headquartered in Sunnyvale, a town in California.

Large and popular enough to garner themselves a quite high Alexa rank, they are ranked at 3,991, with the last revaluation in October 2018. It is very popular among Internet users, as some of the very services they provide, such as webmail, contact tasks, and many types of calendaring services. Always a company that has remained in large and vocal contact with their users, they insist that any user or person with any remarks call the Hotmail contact number.

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Products and Services :-

Outlook offers the following services to its customers-

  • Mobile application
  • Mail client access
  • Skype integration
  • Office integration


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