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Often called one of the most stylish and efficient jewellery manufacturers in the world, Pandora is a Danish jewellery manufacturer, along with being a retailer of their own jewellery. It was founded in 1982 by Per Enevoldsen, who has now gone on to become one of the major contenders of the jewellery business in Denmark. The company itself was started as a quite small, but family run jewellery shop, in Copenhagen. Pandora is famous for the manufacture of some flawless pieces of jewellery, with their specialties and interests being the customizable charm bracelets which are famed throughout the world, designer rings popular among women in many countries, especially Western ones, and the now defunct watches department, which was shut down to the discontent of many.

Their main production site for their famous jewellery is in Thailand, from where they ship their precious and adored products to more than 78,00 locations which spread throughout more than 100 different countries, on six different continents. Always a company that has valued the opinions, comments and feedback of its customers and clients, they ask, urge and insist that anybody with any sort of feedback not delay, and immediately call the Pandora contact number today!

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Products and Services :-

Pandora offers the following services to its customers-

Charm bracelets

Designer rings




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