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Pearson is the world’s best learning company that offers educational courses under different sections, qualifications & assessments. They also provide a number of learning and teaching services powered by technology. They help students all over the world to gain knowledge that can help them choose the right direction in life. Their motto is “Because wherever learning flourishes, so do people.”

Having been established in the year 1998, the company Pearson is actually Britain-based that provides educational services all over the world. It has its centre in more than 70 countries including India. Its headquarter is in London. John Fallon is the organisation’s current CEO.

As a learning company, the company’s mission is to help the people progress in their respective lives through the power of knowledge and education. They run several online classes for which they hire tutors from different parts of the world. Since technology is a medium through which a large number of students can be taught at low cost, therefore Pearson has heavily utilised technology in helping out others. They wish to educate a large section of illiterate people through by overcoming economic, environmental and social changes.

They are a globally established company based on a digitally driven platform. Their sole aim is to eradicate illiteracy from this world and let people prosper through education.

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