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The present generation is tied up in their tight schedule, leaving them minimum or no time to adhere to the household chores. Postmates identified the need of the hour and has transformed the way goods move around the city, providing the service of having anything delivered to their doorstep on demand 24*7. Their team of urban logistic connects the users to the local vendors and couriers who can deliver any goods or products from any restaurant or stores to their registered address within minutes.

They also encourage the customers to shop from local stores without actually having to go there and with no waiting. The efficient team of Postmates constitutes of determinant designers, marketing executives, engineers and other specialists working with an aim to increase the productivity. The headquarter is situated in San Francisco.

The objective is to provide millions of buyer access to thousands of local sellers, helping them increases their business. At Postmates, they hold the responsibility to the cities where services are offered, local business and shops associated with it and the customers relying upon their services to provide them with resources that they require to fulfill their demands in a better quality within a quick time span.

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Products and Services:-

Postmates offers the following services to its customers-

  • Delivery services

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