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Redbox Automated Retail LLC is a popular American enterprise with expertise in Blu-ray, DVD, 4KUHD and video game rentals through various automated retail kiosks. Redbox kiosks attribute the company’s signature red colour and are situated at convenience stores, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, mass retailers, and pharmacies.

Redbox allows the users to download all the content into their mobile devices providing them service of offline viewing; the titles can either be rented or purchased by the in SD quality or HD quality along with 30 days of viewing their title in the beginning and 48 hours of unlimited views after that. Redbox in association with Sony is also available on playstation4 and Xbox console. From 2013 onwards, Android and IOS also started streaming their content on mobile phones and other devices.  With the aim of diversifying, Redbox also started testing a video streaming service, known as Redbox instant providing online streaming service offering the users with a free one-month trial benefit and $8 per month service thereon, which includes four disc rentals from kiosks. The customer care service is available at all hours to solve any queries and doubts of the users by providing them with all the assistance they need at their convenience.

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Products and Services:-

RedBox provides the following rentals to customers:

  • Blu-ray
  • DVD
  • 4KUHD
  • Video game

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