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The Salvation Army are one of the most well-known Protestant Churches in the history of Christianity. While there have been many different Protestant Churches, almost none have achieved the worldwide that the Salvation Army has. This is because unlike most other evangelical movements, the Salvation Army tries to speak through its very actions, and not just spout empty words. Besides being one of the most popular forms of Christianity, the Salvation Army is also a worldwide charitable movement that surprisingly does not discriminate between race, gender, religion, nationality or any other basis of discrimination.

The Salvation Army has a long-standing history that is filled with various acts of charity. The Army is present in more than 31 countries, as they run every type of shelter they can, including homeless shelters, poor shelters and others, and operate many different outlets offering humanitarian aid to all of the poor, destitute and homeless. Salvationists, the members of the Salvation Army, are one of the first ones to sign up for disaster relief and mitigation efforts. An organization that depends on communication, the Salvation Army urges any person with queries, questions or doubts to immediately call the Salvation Army contact number.

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Products and Services:-

Salvation Army offers the following services to its customers-

  • Family Tracing Service
  • Youth groups
  • Disaster relief
  • Soldier’s Covenant
  • Positional Statements
  • Worship Services


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