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Sam’s West, Inc., is a famous chain of retailer local warehouse clubs that do business under the moniker Sam’s Club. An America based enterprise, it is owned and operated by Walmart Inc., which is one of the largest retails and mall chains in the entirety of the United States. Sam’s Club was founded as an enterprise in 1983 and was named after the immensely respected founder of Walmart, Sam Walton. This chain of warehouse clubs is one of the most popular in the US, as they serve more than 47 million American members, ranking at the 8th largest retailer in the US.

Sam’s Club is a retail store that specializes in offering large quantities or even wholesale amounts of a wide range of products such as Electronics, Office furniture, Home furniture, Auto supplies and parts, Garden Supplies, Children’s accessories, Grocery Supplies, Pet food and supplies, Health and Beauty Products along with many other types of products from various famous brands around the country. Sam’s Club is known for having a very friendly staff, who urge all customers and browsers to immediately call them or the Sam’s Club contact number if they have any doubts, questions, queries, complaints or general remarks

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Products and Services:-

Sam’S Club offers the following services to its customers-

  • Business Centre
  • Member Services
  • Cyber Week
  • Shocking Values
  • Member’s Mark
  • Gift Cards
  • Frequently Ordered

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