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The Southern California Gas Company is one of the most famous Utilities service providers in the region of Southern California, and surrounding environs, US. Quite popular among the local users, many in the area prefer using the SoCalGas services and natural gas to more famous natural gas and utilities companies in the area. One of the largest ventures in the area, SoCalGas describes itself as the main provider of natural gas to the entire Southern Californian region. As one of the most famous natural gas companies in the US, SoCalGas provides a lot of natural gas to more than 21 million different and varied consumers, spanning about 20,000 square miles of the Californian wilderness, with sister subsidiaries providing gas to the recent regions.

The Southern California Gas Company is owned by the famed and reputed Sempra Energy, a famous Fortune 500 company that is one of the largest natural gas holdings in the United States. The SoCalGas provides natural gas to counties like and near Imperial, Kern, Kings, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and others. Always a friendly company, they insist that any consumer with remarks, complaints, doubts or queries of some kind or another immediately call the SoCalGas contact number.

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Product Services:-

Socalgas offers the following services to its customers-

  • Gas Service
  • Gas Equipments


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