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Southwest Airlines is a leading low-cost carrier airline headquartered in Texas. It started operating in 1971 as an intrastate airline which operated only within the State of Texas. It has grown as a huge airline with around 58,000 employees and a turnover of more than 4000 departures in a single day during the peak travel month. Southwest airlines currently are the largest operator of Boeing 737 all around the world. Average six Boeing 737 flights take off each day, and over 740 are in service for easy and convenient transportation.

It schedules it’s service to almost ninety-nine destinations in the US and ten other countries. It also started the services to Caicos and trucks on November 5, 2017. By early 2019 the airline is planning to schedule it’s services to four destinations in Hawaii. It also holds the reputation of being the official commercial airline of the famous Honor Flight Network. The speciality of these flights is that they bring ailing and ageing veterans to have a close look of the national monuments of Washington DC which is devoted to the wars and battles that they all served.

It has won the 2018 TripAdvisor Traveller’s choice award and has been listed as the top ten US-based carriers in the world. It has exemplary customer service and is the major US airline which offers bags fly free to all the passengers.

Products and Services-

Southwest Airlines offers the following services to its customers-

  • EarlyBird Check-in
  • Business Select
  • Upgraded Boarding
  • Southwest gift card
  • Hotels
  • Southwest Vacations
  • Southwest Airlines Experiences
  • WiFi & Inflight Entertainment
  • Corporate Travel & Groups
  • Charter Services
  • Southwest The Store


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