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SPG or Signature Products Group is a product development company that enhances their client’s brand products extensions with quality and integrity. This act of enhancing the products is being done with the company’s years of rich experience and great expertise. It brings life to the client’s brands so that these brands are able to react to a constant change of market place for an indissoluble success. This company has shown its prominence by its growth in over 35000 retail doors and has genuine tie-ups with the most widely famed retailers.

The team of SPG ensures that the brand comes to life so that it is able to incorporate all the desired qualities needed by the client company for embedding into it. Since ages, SPG has dedicated itself to the designing, development and manufacturing of licensed products for some of the best brands. They create the perfect products to fit the outdoor lifestyle.

These products being apparels, accessories, automotive accessories, belts, footwear, pet socks, travel bags, conceal carry handles, wallets and eyewear. Since 2001, they have been maintaining the same zeal, humility and integrity to date. To get further details about their services contact the company in the SPG contact number 866-453-1098/801-237-0184

Product Services:-

Socalgas offers the following services to its customers-

  • Gas Service
  • Gas Equipments


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