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Since August 14th, 1935, the United States Social Security Administration (SSA) and had been in action as an independent body of the U.S. Federal Government. Headquartered in Woodlawn, Maryland, US, the SSA with its 60,000 employees provides financial protection via social insurance programs for the retired, disabled, survivors, etc. So far, SSA is the most successful anti-poverty programs in the United States.

The Social Security Administration was established under code 42 of the United States Code and is presently running its operations across ten regional offices, 37 Teleservice Centres, eight processing centres, and around 1300 field officers under the leadership of Nancy Berryhill, the Deputy Commissioners of Operations.

The SSA run by the US Government was established 80 years back with the commitment of supporting US citizens for their basic well-being and ensuring protection to the people they serve. So far, SSA has supported over 60 million people from birth to marriage and even retirement. SSA has successfully stood by the retired people, children, widows and widowers with not a solid income or any financial backup to run their livelihood. SSA provides the applicants to visit the website and apply for the support by selecting the diverse supports they provide.


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