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Founded in the year 1989, Student Loan Company is completely government owned and non-profit organization that helps students studying in United Kingdom universities and colleges to avail government loans and grants for better education and as a help in paying their tuition fees. Student Loan Company operates in four locations throughout the UK, namely, Bothwell Street, Hillington, Darlington, and Llandudno Junction. This organization has over €100 billion to be repaid as the loan amount by students and thus representing its reach and massive popularity amongst Students of UK.

This organization provides loans and grants to students who are pursuing higher education and further education. Student Loans Company is primarily owned by the United Kingdom Government’s Education department and its head office is situated in Glasgow, UK. Due to being a government-owned organization, the interest rates on these loans are very affordable for students. This organization is headed by Paula Sussex as the CEO and it is renowned for its appropriate amount of support to the deserving candidates at the hour of need. Students Loans Company has changed the lives of many students by helping them attain their desired courses and streams by providing them with financial support.

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Product Services:-

  • Student Loan offers the following services to its customers-
    • Loan counselling
    • Loan agreement
    • Load Application
    • Credit Decision Appeal
    • Endorser Addendums
    • TEACH grant agreement
    • Loan Balance
    • Loan repayment

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