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Shutterfly Incorporated, or as it more commonly known, just Shutterfly, was founded in 1999, 19 years ago. Now, they are a publicly traded company, which means their shares are available for purchase to anybody from the general public. The focus of the corporation is providing great image publishing services to all of its many different consumers and customers, though it has changed drastically since it was founded, as the first incarnation of the company had a customer base that was populated with an equal amount of each gender, but since then has risen to a female majority of 80%.

The company says that their focus of business has to do with Photograph derived manufacture and photograph sharing- the initiating, servicing, facilitating and parts of the whole process. Over the years, Shutterfly has become famous all over California and surrounding areas, as it has worked tirelessly to provide the greatest service, and has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of businessmen and casual shoppers achieve totally personalized photo gifts that are made from digital snapshots and photos. Always a vocal company, they urge any consumer, beneficiary or just a person with queries to immediately call the Shutterfly contact number.

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Products and Services:-

Tax Act offers the following services to its customers-

  • Impose Tax in Income
  • Impose tax in payroll
  • Impose Tax in property
  • Impose tax in sales
  • Import Tax in dividends
  • Impose Tax in estates


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