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The U.S.Embassy is a governmental administrative body that protects the interests of the citizens of the United States living in a foreign country. It is a legally authorized association which is being headed by the ambassador who is the member of U.S. President’s committee. The ambassador is the chief commanding diplomat of this organization. He or She is not only a good leader but also a professional representative of the U.S.Embassy. The main purpose of this federation is to safeguard the interests and help the citizens of the United States by providing them assistance while traveling to another country for vacation, business meetings or any other purpose.

The embassy has the most professional staff that is being analyzed after a detailed structural process of interview and hiring. The embassy staff acts as the pillars of the associations as they have to interact with the governmental officers, business leaders, politicians, media, educational organizations, and the general public. The staff members are responsible for understanding the economic and political conditions of the country and reporting back to their government. Also, they play a crucial role in the import and export process of goods and services by acting as a middleman in formulating all the documentation between the buyers and sellers of different countries.

Products and Services-

U.S.Embassy offers the following services to its customers-

  • Business Matchmaking
  • Market Intelligence
  • Trade Advocacy
  • Commercial Diplomacy


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