WES stands for world education services. It is a non profit agency in the United States and Canada. The main aim of the world education system is to fulfill the dreams of students to study and work in Canada or the United States. Their main process includes credential evaluation. Credential evaluation is a process in which degrees of other countries is compared to the native country to understand their syllabus and pattern. World education services were founded in 1971. Its headquarters are in Toronto, Canada, and New York, United States. Every year more than 2000000 credentials are evaluated by WES.

They have various beneficial products including WES free degree equivalency, WES international credential advantage package (ICAP), WES  international grade point average calculator (IGPA), world education news and reviews  (WENR).  WES free degree equivalency tools help the student to determine eligibility requirements for immigration, availability of jobs according to their degree and course. ICAP is a service that is used to send the verified transcripts along with evaluated report all in a package to the respective academic institutions. IGPA is another beneficial tool WES. It enables the international grades from more than different 140 countries to convert in 4.0 GPA grading system. This grading system is used in the United States.

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Products and Services-

Wes offers the following services to its customers-

  • Global Talent Bridge
  • WES Research & Advisory Services
  • World Education News & Reviews
  • WES International Grade Point Average
  • WES International Credential Advantage Package
  • WES Free Degree Equivalency


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