How to Fix Dell Laptop Keyword not Working

How to fix Dell laptop keyword not working is a […]

How to fix Dell laptop keyword not working is a common query amongst users, particularly those who use their Dell laptops rather intensively. This is a common issue which occurs just as you turn on the Dell laptop and when you get access to the Windows system, you suddenly find out that the keyboard is not working, i.e. you are unable to type anything you want here. Several users will have the same problem which can be fixed all by yourself.

How to fix Dell laptop keyword not working- Possible fixes

The issue may be caused due to various reasons. Here is a solution that may help you fix the same. You should first get your laptop restarted. This is one of the fastest ways to solve the issue of the laptop keyboard not functioning suitably. A few users discovered that restarting the laptop made the keyboard function smoothly again. Hence, you should try restarting the laptop likewise. If the keyboard is still non-functional, then you should try another solution.

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How to fix Dell laptop keyword not working- Some other solutions

You can also choose to uninstall the Dell laptop keyboard driver. The issue of your keyboard not functioning may be due to drive related issues. You can uninstall and then reinstall the keyboard driver likewise. You can connect the laptop to a mouse which is either on Bluetooth or wired. Then follow these steps:

  • Click on Control Panel in the Start menu.
  • Choose Device Manager and then View by Large icons.
  • Find and expand the section named Keyboards. Right-click on keyboard driver software before clicking on Uninstall device.
  • Post completion of uninstallation, restart the Dell laptop. Windows will automatically be reinstalling the keyboard driver. Check if the keyboard is functioning properly thereafter. If the keyboard stops working, then follow another solution.

Get the keyboard driver updated-

  • You can manually update by visiting the official Dell site and searching for the latest driver for the keyboard. Make sure you choose those drivers which are compatible with your version of Windows.
  • Automatic updates may be possible with the right software tool. It will recognize the system and find the suitable keyboard driver. It will then be downloaded and installed likewise.
  • Restart the laptop to see whether the keyboard is fully functional once again. It should start working properly once you have used these fixes.

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