How to Fix Canon Printer Error B200

Thinking how to fix Canon printer error B200? In fact, […]

Thinking how to fix Canon printer error B200? In fact, most people wonder how to fix Canon printer error B200 since this is one error code that is highly feared and indicates a problem which can potentially be fatal for the printing device itself. However, you need not swap your Canon printer right away since there are some methods which may help you fix the problem as well.

How to fix Canon printer error B200- Possible Causes

There are several possible causes for the Canon printer error B200 including a defective or faulty print head. As you may already know, the print head is the necessary component which distributes ink onto paper from the cartridge. This means that it is possibly the most vital part for the whole printer itself. Print heads may sometimes be problematic, particularly for printers which are entry-level or cheaper offerings.

Steps for fixing the Canon printer error B200

Here are the steps for fixing the Canon printer error B200:

  • Reset your printer. Unplug it and leave it for a minimum of half an hour. This may help it cool down and restore defaults.
  • Remove all obstructions since something may hinder the connection to the print head. Open the door and disconnect the print head before taking it out from the device. Reseat the print head thereafter.
  • Clean the printer head and use the maintenance options for running the entire cycle of cleaning.
  • Use pure alcohol or non-oil cleaner for the gold contacts of the print head if you are cleaning manually. Microfiber cloth should be used for using the cleaner. Let it dry out fully before connecting it again. Handle the fragile component very carefully indeed.
  • Get all old and hardened ink removed from within the print head. Run it under hot water until water starts coming out absolutely clean. Dry it and clean it with a paper towel prior to reinsertion into the printer.
  • Get all printer drivers re-installed and find your device on official Canon support pages before following directions for getting drivers updated.
  • Try a new ink cartridge as well.

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