How to Fix Sage 50 Error 43

Wondering how to fix Sage 50 error 43? Those thinking […]

Wondering how to fix Sage 50 error 43? Those thinking of how to fix Sage 50 error 43 should know that this is the error message stating Fatal File System Error 43 in (File) while any Remote Data Access (previously Sage Drive) point is being opened. It may also read as File System Error 43 in JRNLHDR.DAT when any Remote Data Access point is being opened or as File System Error 43 on a single computer only. This could also be File System Error 8 or 10 in some cases or I/0 Error in file.

Causes of Sage 50 Error 43- Possible

Some of the possible causes behind this error could include the following:

  • Company has to be re-shared again.
  • Re-downloading required for company.
  • Company should be rebased.

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Steps to fix Sage 50 Error 43

The issue has been fixed with the latest 2021.0 update and release. If you are using 2020.2 or previous versions and are seeing File System Error 43, it means that you should upgrade to the 2021 version as soon as possible. You should ideally use a hard-wired connection for accessing the Sage Drive Company owing to instability potentially for most Wi-Fi connections throughout the procedure.

Re-Downloading the Company

  • This should be done if the error takes place solely on one computer although another machine can access the same without problems.
  • On the computer which has the issue, browse till the data path. Right-click on the company directory and choose Cut.
  • Right-click on desktop before choosing Paste.
  • Open Sage 50- U.S. Edition and choose File, Sage Drive and Download a Sage Drive Company.
  • Sign in with the Sage ID and enter the captcha code as well.
  • Choose the company, follow prompts on-screen for re-downloading the company and verify whether the company is opening without any errors.
  • If you are still seeing errors, then you should try another method.

Next Stage- Rebase from the last accessed location in case the company may be accessed easily by another computer.

If this still does not work, then restart the Actian/Pervasive Service. In case this also fails to work, then try Unsharing and resharing the Company.

Here are the Steps to be Followed in this Regard

  • Go to the computer where the company was accessed last.
  • Create a backup.
  • Choose File, Sage Drive, Stop Sharing and Yes.
  • Choose File, Sage Drive and then Share Company for re-sharing the company.
  • Login and choose Share Company button before hitting Next and Finish.
  • Select File, Sage Drive and Manage User Access for setting up users for the Sage Drive.

Creating Automatic Company Backup and Re-sharing-

  • Note problem company and choose File, Open Company and then note the directory.
  • Double click on Automatic Backup icon on your desktop.
  • Click on Browse and then choose the company.
  • Click on Browse along with Save Backup to and then choose the destination as Desktop. If users are set up, enter the user name and password for Sage and then hit Verify User Details.
  • Click on Save and enter File Name for the box before clicking on Save once again.
  • Choose Run Backup and verify the backup on Desktop.
  • Move the company out from the data pathway and restore backup as new company from your desktop.
  • Delete the company causing problems from the Sage Drive Management Center.
  • Share the company to the Sage Drive and then add other users back into your computer.
  • The company will have to be downloaded once again on remote computers.

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