How to Fix HP Printer Error C4EBA341

Thinking how to fix HP printer error C4EBA341? You are […]

Thinking how to fix HP printer error C4EBA341? You are not alone; a large number of HP printer users often wonder how to fix HP printer error C4EBA341. This error is commoner than you think and will not require much time or effort on your part to be fixed.

Major Causes of HP Printer Error C4EBA341

You should first learn about the major causes/symptoms behind this error. It may take place if you have recently got Windows 10 updated for your PC. Additionally, symptoms include getting a blue screen on the printing device or frequent/periodic crashes of the HP printer. This error usually takes place owing to the malfunctioning printer spooler or even improper installation of the printing driver. It may also occur due to corrupt files in the registry.

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Solutions for HP Printer Error C4EBA341

The steps include the following:

  • Do a Cold Reset by switching on the power button and checking if the printer has moved out of gear or remains in sleep mode. Disengage the power cord and then unplug the cable itself. Wait for a minute or two. Connect the power cord and cable once again.
  • Warm up the printer by first linking the power cable directly to the wall outlet and reconnecting all cords, switching on the printer and waiting for all the lights to flash. Keep it idle and then try printing any document.
  • If the error remains, then check for the dll file in the registry. Open Recycle Bin and search for msvcp90d.dll if you cannot find the same previously. Once you find it, click Restore and check for it in the registry as well. If it is recovered, restart your PC. Try printing the document again.
  • If the problem still remains, you will have to uninstall and reinstall printer drivers. Click HP folder on desktop and search for model number and name. Select and right-click Uninstall. Click Next for removing drivers and rebooting system. Visit HP Customer Support and click Software and Driver Downloads before choosing Printer. Search for model number and clicking Submit. A new printer software window will open and you will have to choose the default OS and click Download next to HP Easy Start. Once the software is downloaded on the PC, double-click for commencing the installation procedure. Follow instructions shown on the screen for setting up the printer connection and installing software. Post completion, the system has to be rebooted. Finally you should try printing the test document once again.
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