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The Green Dot Corporation was founded in the year 1999 and currently Steve Streit is the CEO of the company. This is basically a bank holding and financial technology company of American origin with its headquarters located at Pasadena in California. If market capitalization component is taken into consideration then this is the largest company in to world that issues prepaid debit cards. The company started its journey by producing prepaid debit card for teenagers who loved online shopping and now the company has expanded a lot and it is the payment and technology platform which is used by big companies like Intuit, Apple Cash and Uber. In 2010 the Gree Dot Company became public and at that time, its valuation was about USD 2 billion.

They are also the issuer of Visa cards and Master card in America which are basically prepaid in nature. The direct deposit funds that certain people receives like the payments for social security from the government of United states can also be directly transferred to the account of the concerned person with the help of Green Dot. They also have some co-branded card programs with Citibank, Walmart, AT&T and Boost Mobile. These cards basically works like any other normal debit card, where the balance that is stored gets reduced when any payment is made from the card.

Products and Services :-

Green Dot offers the following services to its customers-

  • Deposit Money
  • Direct Deposit
  • Adding Cash
  • Mobile Deposit
  • Personal Checks
  • Online Bill
  • Money Mobile App
  • Moneypak

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