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Airbnb Inc. is a global and privately held organization with its headquarters located at San Francisco. The company runs its own online hospitality service and marketplace which can be accessed through mobile apps and websites. Members can use Airbnb to offer or get accommodation along with tourism experiences. The company does not own any real estate and its unique business model serves to link hosts with travellers. It earns commissions on the innumerable bookings made through its online platform.

Guests on Airbnb can choose from available accommodation provided by hosts based on parameters like the date, location, type of lodging and price. They must provide payment details and other information prior to booking.

Hosts also offer details about their event/rental listing along with pricing information. Airbnb offers recommendations on prices. The company offers several attractions including work homes, family homes and even specially curated Airbnb experiences.

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Products and Services-

Airbnb offers the following to customers-

  • Work Homes
  • Family Homes
  • Restaurants
  • Experiences
  • Airbnb Plus
  • SuperHost
  • Airbnb Concerts


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