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This is not an alien term for people today. It is a subdivision of Electronic Arts, which focus on producing video games. EA Vancouver is the main developer of EA Sports games. EA Sports at its initial stages focused on making video games mixing up with real-time attributes such as using expert background commentary while playing. Improvising themselves by time, EA Sports are manufacturers of a wide range of ever so popular game franchises such as FIFA, NBA Live, Madden NFL etc. Established during the year of 1991 EA Games was then known as EA Sports network.

EA doesn’t basically rely upon a single platform service for a long time. The strategy of EA Sports focuses on providing its services in the most active platforms according to the change in times. If you focused on the game catalog of EA Sports, they release their games after attaching the year it released along with the game’s name. This briefs that EA Sports releases its games on yearly basis. After purchasing official licenses from a franchise, they produce games like FIFA inviting a great number of fans. EA Games are more popular as PC Games and are also used widely in different PlayStation platforms. On 2009 EA Sports released its EA Sports Complex space in PlayStation 3 for providing gaming services based on a community basis.

Products and Services :-

E A Sports offers the following services to its customers-

  • Madden NFL
  • NCAA Football
  • NHL
  • NBA Live
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour
  • FIFA


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