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If you’re somebody who regularly needs transportation to and from great distances, chances are you already know the company known as Uber. Since its founding, Uber has rapidly gained popularity and has become one of the most popular transportation apps in only a short period after its commencement. Simply put, Uber offers its services in almost all the various avenues of the transportation industry: their business can be described as peer-to-peer ridesharing and offering taxicabs to customers, along with some other services such as food delivery and bicycle sharing.

Uber can be described as one of the major transportation apps of this decade as it has offices in just about every town, in every state in every country around the whole wide world. Indeed, Uber is one of the most famous transportation apps in the whole world and has offices in just about every single country in the wide world. Uber was founded in March 2009, 9 years ago, by two pioneers of the business and transportation fields, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp. Although they have officers just about everywhere, Uber itself is centered in the city of San Francisco, in California. Their services can be used by contacting them through either their website or through their very own mobile app.

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Products and Services:-

Uber offers the following services to its customers-

  • Ride
  • Drive
  • Business Travel
  • Delivery
  • Food
  • Helping Cities


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