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HUD is a cabinet department in the united states. It is referred by the name United States Department Of Housing And Urban Development. It came into existence 53 years ago on September 9 in the year 1965. It is governed by the federal government of the united states. its headquarters are located in Robert C. Weaver Federal Building, 451 7th Street SW, Washington, DC. With more than 8416 employees in the year 2014, its annual budget was $32.6 billion. Ben Carson is the secretary of HUD and Pam Patenaude is the deputy secretary of this department. Their online website is Various acts were formed for the better working of HUD. All the norms and conditions of HUD were considered under the Housing Acts

Two main agencies are joint with the united states department of housing and urban development. These two agencies are federal housing finance agency and federal housing administration. Under this department, the loan is provided to people to build their own houses. Loans are also provided for the renovation of the house. There multifamily housing service coordinator program was one of the most successful and used programs in the united states. HUD also started granting incentive of the disturbed urban area, but later on, it was taken over by the states.

Products and Services-

Hud offers the following services to its customers-

  • Community Planning and Development
  • Housing
  • Public and Indian housing
  • Policy Development and Research
  • Government National Mortgage Association
  • Healthy homes and Lead Hazard Control
  • Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing


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