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Released on September 11th, 2003 by Valve Corporation, Stream was a highly sophisticated digital distribution platform for buying and playing video games. It offers diverse services including matchmaking services, Digital Rights Management (DRM), social networking services, video streaming and more. The users of Stream are provided with automatic updates of games, easy installations and helpful community features such as friends lists, groups,  chat, in-game voice and cloud saving options.

During the initial phase, the Stream was built to run on the Microsoft Operating System, but now, users of Mac and Linux can also use Stream. These features were added much later. Users are happy to use the freely available API called Steam works that opens rooms for the developers to boost many of the Stream functions into the products including matchmaking, in-game activities, networking, micro-transactions, user-created content established on the Steam Workshop. In 2010, the released the mobile-based apps for the gamers using iOS, Android, Windows.

Estimated back in 2013, Stream was known to be the largest gaming and digital distribution platform holding 75% of the market. The 2017 results say that the company has successfully turned around $4.3 billion across the global PC gaming industry. Users now have the finest micro-consoles and OS from Steam.

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Products and Services:-

Steam offers the following services to its customers-

  • Instant Access to Games
  • Create and Share Content
  • Entertainment Anywhere
  • Available on PC, Mac, and Linux


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