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If you are a resident of Canada, then you should definitely know about the leading telecommunication company in the country which is Bell Canada. Their headquarters are currently located in the Montreal region, Quebec in Canada. The popularity of this company is majorly in the eastern and northern region where they provide internet connections and telephone networks. works under the company named Bell Canada Enterprises and is doing extremely well in the job. In 1975, the company was launched in Canada and gradually became the fifth largest and the most important telecommunication company ruling in the country.

In a record done in 2015 total number of employees working in the company are approximately 50000. Earlier the company was named as the Bell Telephone Company of Canada, given by the Founder Charles Fleetford Sise. The company faces strong competitors like Rogers Communications and Telus and Shaw Communications. It is calculated that the company has almost 13 million telephone lines under their service area. If you wish to get more information about the services of the company or want to get their services availed for your telephone lines and wireless network that you can visit their official website which is

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Products and Services :-

Bell Canada offers the following services to its customers-

  • Voice
  • Voicemail
  • Wireless
  • Television
  • Internet access
  • Legacy


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