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The children of this generation will become the nation’s identity in the forthcoming years, and thus they are precious in a very different way than adults are valuable. Unfortunately, proper parenting has a thick veneer of vagueness about it, and many parents in the US (as is also the case in every other country to some extent) do not ponder over the responsibilities that entail becoming parents. As a result, cases of child abuse, neglect, and bad parenting are rampant in almost every state, every race, and every social milieu in one way or the other.

And a traumatic or unpleasant childhood often results in far-reaching consequences when the child grows up, shaping his personality and worldview in a negative light. Child Protective Service or CPS is the government-designated agency for child protection in the US, operating in many states. Commissioned and governed by several federal acts and 42 USC section 1983 at present, the foundation of CPS can be traced back to predecessors that used to exist even before the 1850s. As a social welfare non-profit organization, the aim of CPS is both to adopt child-victims who have been exposed to violence and child abuse, and also to penalize the perpetrators.

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Child Protective Services offers the following services to its customers-

  • Child Protection
  • Social Services
  • Human Services


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