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Citibank is a multinational company that offers financial services to its consumers. It was founded on June 16, 1812 as the City Bank of New York and became the First National City Bank of New York. The very first president of the Bank was a retired Colonel, Samuel Osgood.

Citibank provides credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, commercial loans and lines of credit. It offers services for Retail Banking, Commercial Bank, Capital Markets Origination, Credit Cards, Corporate and Investment Banking, Markets and Securities services, Private Banking, and Treasury & Trade solutions to its consumers.

In 1831, one of America’s first bank heist took place in Citibank. In this heist, two thieves stole tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of bank notes, and 398 gold doubloons.

Citibank currently has over 2600+ branches in 19 countries. These 2600 branches include 723 branches in the United states alone and around 1500 branches in Mexico. Aside from the United States and Mexico, most of the Citibank’s branches are in Poland, Russia, Pakistan, India and the United Arab Emirates. In 2016, America accounted for 70% of the company’s revenue and Mexico accounted for 13% of the revenue. For the third quarter of 2018, Citibank reported a net income of $4.6 billion, or $1.73 per share on revenues of $18.4 billion.

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Products and Services:-

The following services are provided to customers through CitiPhone-

  • Banking
  • Loans
  • Investment
  • Lending
  • CitiGold







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