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We are living in edgware from doing shopping to buying tickets comma we can do everything online so why not do that with your bank account? Venmo is a similar brand where you can do your money transactions without even going to the bank itself. The only condition to use this mobile app is, the user and also to home the one will be money send has to be a citizen of the United States. In the initial stage the fund transferred by you would have taken time of some working days, but in the year 2018 the company named PayPal initiated the instant transfer facility.
This useful app just needs to be signed in and then you will get all the necessary details about your bank account. To full details about your transactions you can use your mobile number, user id and even email. By Linking your bank account and also debit and credit card with your venmo link you can become eligible for venmo balance. About from the debit and credit credit card you can also apply for venmo MasterCard which can be used in similar ways. For more information visit the official website

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Products and Services :-

Venmo offers the following services to its customers-

  • Make and Share Payments
  • Connect with people
  • Make purchases
  • Transfer money to your bank



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